#no2drugs School Program

Drug Education prevention marijuana drugs

#No2Drugs is a 60 minute drug prevention school presentation. 

Jacob shares his journey from drug addiction to a successful life.

He is able to use this as an opportunity to coach students to anticipate these moments 

and to positively deal with them in a way that will grow their confidence.

There is a focus on choices and their consequences, with particular focus on the friends we choose.


“I thought drugs were cool and I had planned to experiment with them. After hearing your talk I won’t take the risk.” 

Kade - Year Ten Student

“You held their attention for the whole session, we could have heard a pin drop! It wasn’t just the kids who learned something today; we (teachers) learned a lot too. Thank you.”

Ms Green - Year Nine Teacher

"Thank you so much for coming to our school. You really got through to them. I loved the way you showed the importance of choices, especially the friends they choose... I'm looking forward to having you back next year."

Jarrod - School Nurse